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Animals at Orana

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Animals at Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Wildlife Park is home to over 400 animals representing 70 different species. Click on the icons below to begin your search.


Animals from New Zealand

Orana Wildlife Park’s walk–through lowland aviary is one of the largest in New Zealand, providing a natural environment for a variety of New Zealand’s endangered native birds. Most of our native birds face similar problems which include competition for their food, introduced mammalian predators and the destruction of their habitat. The Park’s award winning walk-through kea habitat (an alpine themed environment) gets you up close to one of the most intelligent birds in the world! The Nocturnal House is home to our Kiwi and Morepork. Kiwi conservation is of major importance at Orana Wildlife Park and the brown kiwi is bred here. Orana has a wide range of native reptiles and one of the most comprehensive public collections of native gecko species.

Click here to view New Zealand animals at Orana Wildlife Park.


Animals from Africa

Africa used to be called the Dark Continent because so much of it remained mysterious to Europeans. Many strange and wonderful animals came out of Africa to be paraded in the zoological gardens of Europe. The first giraffe in London created an uproar with many people refusing to believe that such an animal could exist, despite the evidence of their own eyes.

Modern anthropologists believe that humans first evolved in Africa, so at a very basic level we are kin to the wonderful diversity of large mammals that used to roam the interior. Tragically, human population pressure and poorly controlled commercial exploitation have led to the extinction of many African animals and many others are still coming under increasing threat.

This is where places like Orana Wildlife Park can play a vital role by breeding endangered species and preserving the diversity of the gene pool.

Click here to view African animals at Orana Wildlife Park.


Animals from Australia

Australia is the dry continent and many of the animals inhabiting its arid interior have adapted to cope with the conditions. Australia is New Zealand’s nearest neighbour and the prevailing winds often bring wildlife across the Tasman Sea.

Click here to view Australian animals at Orana Wildlife Park.


Animals from Asia

Asia represents a huge region with extraordinary biological diversity. It ranges from the high mountains of the Himalayas and the deserts of Mongolia to the lush rainforests of Borneo. As development continues to threaten, worldwide conservation programmes become more and more important. Asian exhibits are relatively new to the Park and include siamang gibbon, Asian small–clawed otters, water buffalo and the stunning Sumatran tigers.

Click here to view Asian animals at Orana Wildlife Park.


Animals from the Americas

South America probably holds the bulk of the Earth’s biodiversity. The Amazon Basin’s biological riches are only just beginning to be appreciated, at a time when the destruction of the rainforest continues at an alarming rate. Partly because a rainforest habitat would be difficult and expensive to reproduce in Christchurch and because we have other priorities, South American fauna do not figure prominently in our collection.
Click here to view American animals at Orana Wildlife Park.