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Lion Encounter

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Attention thrill seekers! Orana’s unique Lion Encounter takes visitors through the African Lion Habitat on board a specially modified vehicle for extremely close views of the “King of Beasts” feeding. The Lion Encounter provides a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the size and power of these awesome predators.

Hop on board our vehicle with our keepers, who feed the cats from within the safety of the vehicle, and become immersed in the lion habitat. Our cats often climb onto the roof of the vehicle so you can literally get eye-to-eye with these magnificent animals as well as having the opportunity to interact with our specialised keepers who care for the animals.

This is a must do experience whilst in Christchurch!

Conditions of the Lion Encounter:

  • The Lion Encounter operates daily at 2.30pm (note: it is subject to availability).
  • 20 tickets are available daily.
  • The cost is $35.00 per person (additional to Park entrance).
  • All visitors taking part in the Lion Encounter must be over 1.4 metres in height.
  • Tickets can be purchased at reception (on a first in first served basis).
  • We can reserve tickets if they are pre-paid in advance.
  • Tickets need to be purchased for a specific day.

To book a Lion Encounter ticket:

Tickets can only be reserved if they are pre-paid for in advance. Please contact us directly at: info@oranawildlifepark.co.nz or +64 3 359 7109. Note that the Lion Encounter is subject to change without notice. Please ensure you contact us to confirm availability of the experience.


Lion Feeding Encounter Video