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more great apes to come... 

Orana has just completed the biggest and most ambitious project ever undertaken in its history. Construction commenced on 7 July 2014 and was completed on 15 June 2015. The Great Ape Centre has been officially open to the public from 1st August 2015. Three Western Lowland Gorillas, Fataki (12), Fuzu (8) and their half-brother, Mahali (7), have settled in well to their $6M home.

The exhibit has been designed to hold gorillas on one side and orang-utans on the other (separate areas). The future plan is to transfer orang-utans approximately one year after gorillas have settled in.




Planning has commenced on Orana's next major project - a New Zealand native centre to further extend our work with native fauna.

Orana's key conservation successes have been breeding blue duck and brown teal for release to the wild and of course, breeding kiwi. Over the past two breeding seasons, Orana has been one of the top contributors (across New Zealand) to the captive component of the brown kiwi programme with regards to chicks produced. Orana has provided chicks for many other New Zealand facilities and supplemented wild release sites, thanks to the efforts of our highly specialised team.

We are absolutely committed to doing more therefore a new modern complex will be designed to ensure that Orana has the capacity to make a wider contribution to native conservation efforts. Some of the features of the centre will be a state-of-the-art incubation and brooding facility to increase our ability to rear chicks and ducklings.


As a charitable trust, Orana raises 100% of the funds for new developments.