What's New

Giraffe antics

Orana's giraffe herd has grown, with the addition of two new females. Shira (2) arrived at the Park in November 2015 while Mdomo (2) arrived late February 2016. Shira and Mdomo are half sisters from Auckland Zoo. Each giraffe travelled three days by ship to reach Timaru habour. Unfortunately these girls are just too big to fit on a plane! 



introducing opal

This sweet little filly arrived at the Park on the 19th February from Gypsy Royal Stud where she was born approximately one month prior. Opal is the daughter of our Gypsy Vanner, Crystal.





crias have arrived

Two baby suri alpacas (known as crias) arrived at the Park late January. The adorable younsters can now be seen down in our farmyard.







The NZ native fauna breeding season is well underway. Our brown teal (pateke) pair has produced three ducklings with another clutch of three on the way. In addition, three blue duck (whio) ducklings have also hatched successfully. All ducklings will be released to secure locations in the wild.




kiwi released

Spot and Nui, two brown kiwi bred at Orana last season, were recently transferred to the wild in the Tongoriro Forest in October. Click here for information about Orana's kiwi presentation and best viewing times for other native fauna at the Park.








Orana's $6M Great Ape Centre is the biggest project ever undertaken by the Park and was opened to the public on 30 July 2015. The development is home to New Zealand's only gorilla group, brothers Fataki, Fuzu and Mahali. Click here for more information.