A great variety of special activitieducation7.jpges can also be included in your programme to enhance student learning.


Animal feeds are scheduled throughout the day and these can be incorporated into the programme for appropriate species.

Special animal encounters can be arranged with the keepers to allow a closer look at the animals, including, but not limited to, rhinoceros, tuatara, giraffe and tortoise.

Behind-the-scenes access can also be arranged for many areas of the Park where these will add to the students' learning.

Creating enrichment for the animals is a constant challenge for keepers and students can apply their innovation and dexterity to develop special devices that will keep animals healthy and stimulated.

CITES Items are those animal ‘parts’ that, under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, are confiscated from people entering New Zealand. Although these are prohibited items, a special arrangement with Department of Conservation and NZ Customs allows us to utilise their educhuman_evo.jpgational value in our programmes.

Replica skulls for a range of primates and hominins, and carnivores and herbivores can be utilised in programmes to allow students to conduct more detailed biological analysis of adaptations.