Childrens University


Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi Children’s University encourages 7 to 14 year olds to engage in exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside of the classroom. The aim of the programme is to raise young people’s aspirations for higher education and encourage lifelong learning.

Children join the programme through their school, and are issued with a ‘Passport’ to Learning.  Learning hours are accrued by taking part in activities outside the classroom, at a wide variety of registered learning destinations.  Learners receive a stamp after participating in each activity (taking part in more activities means more hours and more stamps!).  Once 30 hours of learning are reached, students are invited to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements. 


Children’s University student members receive a discounted entry price of $10.00 (students only) – Please show your CU Passport to Learning at reception.

Please note: A family day pass is more economic than the CU discount (family day pass = two adults plus two or three children under 15).  

Activities at Orana Wildlife Park
  • Attend an animal presentation
    Our keepers and volunteers provide up to twelve presentations a day about our wonderful animals. Attend their talk and ask the presenter a question about their animal to gain one stamp in your passport. (maximum of 2 stamps).
  • Scavenger Hunt (available at reception)  
    Imagine you are a wildlife explorer and see how many animals you can find that fit each description.

    Please bring a pen/pencil with you for this activity, alternatively the gift shop sells pencils for $1ea.