Orana as a habitat

The Park grounds are a safe breeding habitat, and connecting wildlife corridor, for over 20 native species, such as korimako (bellbird).


Of particular importance, two endangered local species are living here. The Canterbury Spotted Skink, a lizard thought extinct since 1980, was rediscovered in the Park grounds. The health of the skink population is maintained by staff and monitored by DOC.


In partnership with DOC, 100 endangered kōwaro/Canterbury mudfish were transferred into a waterway at Orana. These native fish are NZ’s rarest mudfish and face a high risk of extinction. Orana provides a safe new haven for these precious creatures and educates visitors on ways they can help the species. Further transfers of kōwaro will take place over the next few years to build the population. Ultimately, when Orana’s population flourishes, and suitable habitat can be identified, then breed for release may be an option with this species.

Canterbury mudfish