They're Calling On You


Orana Wildlife Park and Zoos Victoria are calling on you to recycle your old mobile phone, to help save one of our closest living relatives. A rare mineral ore called coltan, found in many mobile phones, is mined in Gorilla habitat. An estimated 880 Mountain Gorillas remain in the wild jungles of Africa (Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

As mining for coltan carves its way through gorilla habitat, it increases the risk of humans and gorillas coming in contact. Wildlife trade, bush meat, competition for land and zoonotic diseases are all threats to gorillas in the wild.



Orana Wildlife Park has joined with the New Zealand TeleCommunications Forum (TCF) to recycle and refurbish your old mobile phones - when you recycle a mobile phone, the need to mine is reduced, and you help save gorillas.


It’s called RE:MOBILE, a mobile phone recycling scheme accredited by the Minister for the Environment. It facilitates reuse of unwanted handsets that are still operational by selling them for refurbishment and resale overseas, reducing the demand for new handsets and taking the pressure off gorilla in the wild.



When you come to Orana Wildlife Park hand in your old phone to our staff or drop it in the stand at the Great Ape Centre when you visit our fantastic gorilla. If you aren’t planning to visit us then simply drop off at one of our participating Scheme Members Stores:

By providing this form of environmentally responsible recycling, we divert the phones and accessories away from landfill and recover reusable materials that can be used to create other products. Recycling your phone also saves valuable materials and energy while helping to look after New Zealand’s waterways.