Meet a rhino

rhino.jpgThe white rhinoceros is one of the largest land mammals on earth! Orana Wildlife Park holds three southern white rhinos. We give you the chance to meet our mighty White Rhino in a ‘face-to-face’ experience! This wonderful encounter provides visitors with the opportunity to see our Rhino herd from only a few feet away, behind the safety of our contact barriers. Wander down to our contact area and be amazed as these gigantic, pre-historic looking, animals stomp towards you to have their feed of hay. Despite their immense size, rhinos can move very quickly and speeds of up to 40kph have been recorded! You will be in awe of their immense size by being so close to the animals.

At the daily 3:15pm encounter, watch as our keepers give the rhino a belly rub and learn all about the reasons for the decline of these wonderful animals and how you can assist in their conservation.

Read more about our White Rhino Conservation Centre here.