Adopt an animal

You and your family, school, club or business can take a special interest in a group of animals at Orana Wildlife Park by becoming an adoptive parent. Adoption funds go towards the high costs of food, veterinary care, breeding programmes and the maintenance of our animals’ homes. You will not only be sponsoring your favourite animal but also supporting the valuable conservation work of Orana Wildlife Park. Adoptions are valid for one year with renewal being optional. All animals are available for adoption.


Levels of Adoption



Benefits of Adoption

As an adopter you will receive:

  • A certificate, including a photo of your adopted animal
  • Information about the chosen species
  • Our newsletter, the Call of the Wild, to keep you updated on Park news
  • A plaque displayed outside our main reception building (Platinum and Diamond Adoptions only)
  • Admission passes (number depending on the adoption level)
  • All donations over $5 are tax deductible



download the adopt an animal brochure


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