Current Adopters

Orana Wildlife Park is owned and operated by Orana Wildlife Trust, a registered charitable trust and not-for-profit organisation. Gate-takings make up the majority of the Park’s income. Donations, bequests, sponsorship, adoptions and grants are all essential to our survival. The Park must separately fundraise for all new capital projects, animal transfers, additions etc. We greatly appreciate the support of the following Animal Adopters.




DIAMOND $1,000 +

The Robert & Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust - Whio
The Robert & Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust - Kiwi
The Robert & Barbara Stewart Charitable Trust - Kākāriki karaka
Hagley Windows & Doors - Meerkat 
DDL Trucking Ltd - Cheetah
Gibbons Family Trust - NZ Natives 
Heather Campen - NZ Natives 
The Phillip Brown Fund - Rhino
Porter-Davis Family - Giraffe 'Harriet'
Andrew Scott - Kea
Dr PL & Mrs AP Schwartz - Kiwi & Tuatara
G P Tyrrell - Barrister - Rhino
Joan Hislop - Wild Dogs
Colin, Liz, Rosalie & Charlie Abernethy - Kiwi
Cups & Co. - Giraffe
Kathryn Lander - Carnivores




Silver $200 +

Richard Edmunds & Pippa Jefferies - Addax 
Jessica & Molly Edwards - Primates  
Dallas Cortesi - NZ Natives 
Katy Kennedy - Meerkat 

Lions Club of Selwyn - Tuatara
Julie Pope - Cheetah
Shari & Akhil Anir-Nair - Rhino
Wesley McKee - Kiwi
Lucas Smith - Kiwi
Lynda Mathieson - Gorilla
In memory of Leo Dekker - Ringtail lemurs
Mary Fahey - Giraffes
Steve Franks - Otters
Susan Macann - Skinks
Val Hutton - Tasmanian devils
Trudi, Ollie and Lucy Blakemore - Kiwi
Trudi, Ollie and Lucy Blakemore - Giraffe





Platinum $500 +

Drs A & P Campbell - Cheetah 'Mazza'
Andrew Fendall - Cheetah
Andrew Fendall - Gorilla
David Bluck - Kereru (Wood Pigeon)
Christchurch Cleaning Supplies Ltd - Rhino
Andrew Scott - Whio (Blue Duck)
Trevor de Stigter - Pāteke (Brown Teal)
Tammy Milne - Giraffe
Shaun Collings - Gorillas
In Memory of Jimi Grubb - Primates
Loburn School - Meerkats
Dianne Jordan - Lions



Gold $300 +

ANERST Limited - Primates 
Antonia Bruce - NZ Natives 
In Memory of Heather Green - Gorilla
Rebecca & Aidan Chrystal - NZ Natives 
Jackie & Dean Chrystal - Gorilla
Heather Price - Meerkats
Lynda Griggs - Wild Dog

Jamal Highsted - Otters