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Orana’s great value membership means that for the equivalent cost of just two normal Park admissions, you can visit Orana Wildlife Park as often as you like (between 10am-5pm) from 1 July until 30 June. That's unlimited visits for the price of two! Joining the membership not only gives you unlimited admission to the Park but means you are directly supporting our conservation work.

The subscription enables you to see Orana as the seasons change and witness the transition of the zoo through the membership period. It also means you can plan regular visits to coincide with new additions (e.g. baby animals).

The membership is especially great for families with young children. Our average visit duration is between 3-5 hours so joining the membership eases the pressure of seeing everything in one day.


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 If you require more information, please contact us on Ph: (03) 359 7109 or